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NSP has years of experience and technical secrets to increase your opportunity for Success. Players are always trying to improve their individual athletic ability. Teams are trying increase productively and performance.  Northstar Sports can guarantee to increase your player’s performance and team performance on field or court regardless of the athlete’s levels.

Our job is to make yours job easies.

Contact us if you’re seeking to be in champion physical shape and if you need a mental strength breakthrough. We can help you develop explosive speed and lightning quickness that will leave onlookers astonished! Learn the secrets to unleash your athletic potential!

Elite Performance Training

When training athletes, Coach Johnson draws on his extensive education and research and years of hands on coaching to enhance the factors that most immediately improve performance, specifically nervous system function, structural integrity, and energy system development. While each presents unique complexities, Coach Johnson explains and applies them in a simple and easy to follow format, using programming that avoids invasive techniques and unnecessary procedures.

Enhancing an athlete’s nervous system function is the key to enhancing performance. Even a genetically gifted athlete with incredible power, speed, and torque will be limited by, an inefficient central nervous system (CNS). Improving CNS function means improved speed, strength, mobility, anaerobic endurance, agility, stability, aerobic endurance, and balance.

  • Personal Training
    (1 Sessions)
    Low Impact Training

  • $40
    (1 Sessions – starting rate)

  • $100