Northstar Sports Performance
Can You GO The Distance!!
Athletic events test your mental and physical abilities to the maximum extent. Every athlete knows that and tries his or her best. However, not everyone succeeds. Proper training is one of the biggest contributing factors under such circumstances, and our athletic training in Los Angeles, CA can do wonders for athletes of all types and abilities.

2018 JUCO Combine

2018 JUCO Showcase the Southern California best junior college players who are going into their sophomore year of JC (Note: If you are entering your freshman year at JC, but will transfer with 3 years of eligibility after your freshman year, you also qualify for the showcase). The West coast top JUCO prospects will go through an extensive series of drills in front of college coaches. The players will be guided by an experienced and energetic coaching staff.

Eastvale Sports Academy

Eastvale Sports Academy

(ESA) has the sports training experience and technical secrets you need to help your team suit up for success. Athletes are continually trying to advance their individual athletic ability. Teams know they need to increase productivity and player performance in order to gain stronger positioning against opponents. ESA guarantees to increase your individual player’s performance as well as your team’s overall performance on the field or court regardless of the athlete’s playing levels.

Our initial training session is designed to find bio-mechanical flaws, muscle imbalances, joint instabilities and faulty movement patterns. Our performance specialist has designed a training protocol to correct each imperfection. This gives the players greater opportunity for success