In May 2004, the company ForeverGreen was launched. Now, a public company manufacturing its own products, ForeverGreen is an international company with customers in more than 140 countries.

ForeverGreen is a company that stakes its future on timeless principles of health and humanity, and then trusting in the results.

ForeverGreen is an opportunity; a way of being. Whether we are young, middle-aged or older, like the evergreen tree, ForeverGreen is about embracing every second of every season of our lives in a way that today’s ceiling is tomorrow’s ground floor. Always green. Always growing. ForeverGreen is truth.

“Take care of yourself so you can take care of your own and reach out to your community. Theoretically, we then co-create and share in an unparalleled existence.” –Ron Williams

ForeverGreen is a publically-traded company, ticker symbol FVRG ›

FG Xpress PowerStrips

FG Xpress is the story of a brilliant scientist who developed a breakthrough technology dedicated to the health of humanity, a CEO in pain, and a group of entrepreneurs who want to help you live a healthy and abundant life.

Ron Williams is the Founder of FG Xpress. In 2012 he was traveling around Asia. Due to a sports injury, Ron had long been suffering from severe chronic back pain. While he was in Asia, a doctor acquaintance offered him a “PowerStrip” for his pain. This scientist, Dr. Kim, had developed a breakthrough technology. Ron was skeptical, but he agreed to try it. It was completely life-changing. Ron took FG Xpress to the global level in order to help billions of people around the world achieve optimal, pain-free lives.